Monday, January 21, 2008

New Year Musings

Welcome to my blog! I'm jumping on the bandwagon and giving this a try to see how it works. It's a little strange to think people could be reading this so I'm a little more careful about what I say than I would in my own private journal. That said, I still believe in being honest, so no worries.

Yesterday, I realized up until then I still hadn't written in my journal this month. I'm usually pretty good about writing in it every week or at least every other week. I have several reasons for the relapse - one, I have a toddler who needs my attention constantly; two, I'm pregnant and due in 2 weeks; and three, we've been having some work done on our house. All of those things in addition to the daily routines of being human pretty much takes up my time and energies these days.

People usually make a list of new year resolutions around this time. I have thought a lot about resolutions and what I could put on my list. One year, I didn't make any resolutions because I got tired of the same old rut of making a long list and then barely accomplishing anything. This year, I don't think I will make a list right away. I'm going to think more about what I'd really like to accomplish and make goals along the way. I've already got ideas about organizing our family finances, improving my health, and strengthening relationships with those closest to me.