Sunday, June 26, 2011


You know what?  I don't think I'm blogging is one of my talents...  Good thing I don't have a large audience!  :-)

Speaking of talents, I've really been thinking about what my talents are.  Some people are blessed with many talents which are readily apparent but I'm really having a hard time coming up with my own list.  It's really troubling me.  Some people have talents that are visible like playing a musical instrument, singing, acting, leadership, being confident, etc.  It seems like they were born with these gifts. 

For me, the only thing I feel like is a natural gift is a sense of direction.  If you were to plop me down in the middle of a strange place, I'd do a pretty good job of finding my way around.  You could maybe count languages but the only language I feel completely fluent in is English.  I speak some Chinese but my vocabulary is limited and while I've tried to improve that skill, I haven't made much progress because of time and energy limitations.

Even things that I feel I might be good at seem to take a lot of effort.  I studied engineering in college.  I had to study really hard and didn't really feel like I was as good as the other students but I thought did okay.  I would like to go back to grad school eventually and get a master's or maybe even a PhD.  I do love learning and would also like to make some contribution to the field and to society.  So, I've taken the GRE which is required for admission to any graduate program.  With a degree in engineering, you'd think I would get a high score in math but I got an average score.  I'm retaking the test in a couple weeks and hope my math score is much higher so I'll be a competitive candidate. 

I know I have talents.  God has given each person talents.  I just need to discover them and develop them.  What are your talents and how did you discover them?