Friday, March 4, 2011


My kids are just growing up too fast!

Charlie is getting to be a great reader.  He loves to read and asks to read the scriptures and other things.  He figures out most of the words, except the big ones.  His Kindergarten teacher has told me that out of a list of one hundred words, he knew ninety-nine of them.  He's also doing addition.  I thought Kindergarten was where you learned to color and count?

Ellie has decided in the past couple weeks that she's ready to use the "big toilet" and has been regularly going in it.  She was excited to wear her big girl underwear but now has decided she still wants to wear diapers.  It's probably because she's had a couple of accidents.  So, we just take it off when she wants to go potty.  She especially loves the family bathroom at the library because it's got a regular toilet and one that is the perfect height for kids.  It's really nice that she's willing to use public bathrooms.  I'm thrilled that this interest in potty-training is not the result of me pushing her but her own desire.