Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Morning

I'm enjoying a quiet Sunday morning before the kids wake up and the rush begins.  Ah!  There's nothing like sitting here and being able to think without interruption.  I didn't mean to wake up quite so early but maybe being able to soak in some peace is just what I need to start off my Sunday.  Who knows how many of these moments I'll get in the next couple of months?  At least ones like today when I don't feel exhausted... because I know they will be few and far between after the baby gets here.

Last night, we had a rainstorm which lasted hours.  The thundering and heavy rain started in the early evening and had tapered off to a drizzle by the time we went to bed.  Usually, the rain here lasts about 30 minutes to an hour and occur in the afternoon.  Dan had to go turn off our sprinklers.  I was glad for the shower which brought cooler temperatures and hopefully an end to the wildfires in this region.  Already, there have been reports in the paper that the lowering of the thermometer has had an dampening effect on the burning.

Well, I have lingered long enough.  Time to get ready for the day!