Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year, New Opportunities

Happy New Year!!  Last year was great and this year's going to be even better!  I know it will be.

I'm so excited for my goals this year because they're mostly extensions of my resolutions from last year.  I'd always been frustrated by new year resolutions because like most people, I would make them and by the end of January they would be forgotten.  Last year I changed how I made my resolutions - I made sure they were specific and achievable.  For example, instead of saying I would lose weight, my goal was: lose 1 to 2 pounds a week for a total of 15 pounds.  What really helped me with this goal was WeightWatchers.  (Note: I'm not in any way being compensated for this!).  I started this goal near the end of January and by May I had met my goal.  And, I have maintained that weight since!  So with that and some other goals achieved last year, I'm ready to commit to improving on those goals this year.  Bring it on!!!!

One very thrilling area I'm working on is getting my masters degree in mechanical engineering.  I'm starting a class tomorrow at the University of Wyoming.  Things are not quite official yet but I've been told I'll probably get in and one of the professors said he could probably find funding for me to take the class.  That means that I would probably not have to pay tuition at the very least and I might even be able to get funding for expenses like textbooks, travel, and babysitting.  We'll see.  I'm nervous about how much time taking this class will take because it's a 45-minute commute each way three days a week and I would have to carve out time to study.  Plus, my math is rusty so I will have to study more than the other students.  I'm trusting that if it's the right thing for me, it will all work out.

I will end here since I have to go work on another goal, get to bed by 10 PM!